Monday, April 6, 2009

Of Dating and Such

Only a day after my 19th birthday, and already I feel the single-girl blues.

It happens like this. I log onto facebook, and try to find my way out of a veritable avalanche of prom pictures. I get snarky; because last year I didn't have to endure this. Last year all of my friends seemed to have sense enough to enjoy their singleness.

I log off of facebook, unable to handle the, "So, who do you like Joy?" -- pressure.

Because truth be told (I can't believe I'm about to admit to this) I do like someone. Only... he doesn't really know I exist (I was shocked to find out that he actually knows my first name... how sad is that?) and has a girlfriend who he seems to be obsessed with. My point is, that I'm very, very human, and seemed to be forced to be subject to all the silly whims, crushes, and fleeting attractions that most girls my age endure.

The good thing is, my 13-16 year old friends still seem blissfully unaware of the need to date at the moment. So if any of you wonder why I'm currently gravitating towards the younger crowd, that, ahem, is why.

Anyway, to cheer myself up this evening, I wrote a bit of poetry. Kind of romanticist. I don't know why it cheered me up, but it did.

If I die today, I won't regret
The times I held your hand,
Or stole a piece of your lovely laughter --
To wear around my neck as a trophy.
If I die today, I will have
Loved to love, and
Lived my own life.
Sunrise and sunsets.


Melda said...

It's okay. It really is. I dream of getting married as much as the next girl, and I'm coming up on 18 having never been asked out, much less kissed :P I know it's infuriating sometimes, but singleness can be okay. Just hang on; there's a Prince Charming out there.

Unless I get him first.

Just kidding.

Juliet SN said...

I love how honest you are, Joy. Seriously, it's so refreshing to read your thoughts after listening to, well, fluff, lol.

Love you, girl :) And although I'm not blissfully unaware of the need to date (*coughs*), you can always call me if you need to talk.