Sunday, March 29, 2009

I overthink.

If you're talking on the phone to me, and we come to a random lull in the conversation, this is usually what goes through my mind. Yes. I am a bit of a paranoid kook. I can't help it.

Inside my mind...

*insert name here* has been silent for about three seconds now. Scientific studies say that a typical person cannot endure more than a four second pause in a conversation.

Well, it's definitely been four seconds now. I should say something.

But maybe this is one of those comfortable silences one reads about in books. The kind that signify a really good, strong friendship. Maybe *insert name here* just feels so comfortable with having me as their friend that we can enjoy comfortable pauses to bask in one another's friendship.

Or maybe this is an awkward pause. Maybe *insert name here* is thinking, "Geez, I wish Joy would say something."

Yeah, I should say something.

Maybe they are mad at me.

Silence sometimes means anger. Maybe they actually hate me, and are so engrossed in preparing a horrible demise for me that they have forgotten to say something.

Eep! I'm ruined!

Maybe I should say something to make them love me. Something witty and lovable.

Cats are witty and lovable. Maybe I should meow.

Oh good grief. I sound like a nutcase. Seriously. Meowing? Hello Joy?

But what can one say that's witty during a random interval? I could say something like, "Did you know that Hitler wanted to be an artist when he was young?"


I'd probably just sound like a know-it-all jerk.

Maybe I should talk about the French Revolution. That is my comfort zone.

...oh gosh no. That would just give them more idea's to aid in the gruesome plans they're plotting for my death.



Elraen said...

OK, this definitely made me laugh. :-P Our phone conversations would be very, very interesting... I'm the kind of phone talker who spends most of the time in silence, waiting for the other person to say something...

Lenya said...

XD I know how you feel. I'm usually fine going for long stretches of time without saying anything to people I'm with, but then I start worrying that they'll think I'm being rude or stuck up. I usually wait for the other person to start the conversation, too.

BooksforLife said...

*dies laughing*
That was so awesome! I don't have a conversation quite as funny with myself, though I'm sure it's just as weird..


joani said...

Did Hitler really want to be an artist when he was young? Wow.

Katie Beth said...

I'll be careful to avoid those pauses so you don't think I hate you and wish you'd turn into a cat. :-D

I kinda like silences though... I think I'm one of the only people who DOESN'T find them awkward. They're comfortable and companionable for me.

But they are kinda weird on the phone.

You should read my last post. I think you would appreciate it. :-P

Anna Schröder said...

LOL We Scandinavians love silence. We have no problem hanging out and just being quiet together. We only speak when we actually have something to say, never just for the sake of keeping the conversation going.