Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Day In My Life

(I'm studying time management in one of my classes at the moment. I had to carry around a notebook for an entire week and write down every single thing I did every fifteen minutes, and then summarize it and send it to my Prof. Seriously. So I thought I might as well share on of the days on here... let you get a peek at an average day in my life.)

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

5 am - Rose, searched about blindly in my closet for a clean pair of socks, and made really strong coffee.
5:15 - Had devotions, read ten chapters in Judges.
6 - Exercised pitifully. Laid on the floor for about five minutes after trying to do ten push-ups (I can only make it to seven.)
6:45 - Rushed through a piano piece. Packed my lunch. (PB&J... again.)
7 - Drove to school.
7:30 - Logged in the DAEP. Got school papers in order and checked over student files.
8 - Started the Junior High and High School kids on their course work. Graded English papers.
9 - Began individual tutoring in Algebra. (Never thought that I would be doing that.)
11 - Lunch break.
11:30 - Back to tutoring in Algebra. (A lot of kids need serious help in this subject.)
1 pm - Reviewed Spanish lesson.
1:15 - Began individual Spanish tutoring.
2 - Held class discussion on Antigone. (Was horrified to find that they pronounced it Aunty-gone.)
2:30 - Gave test on Antigone.
3:15 - I'm free! I mean... school's out. Drove home after a short stop to get study materials at library and deposit last months pay check.
4 - Studied for Communications Quiz.
5 - Violin practice. Started new Vivaldi piece. Oh joy.
5:30 - Orchestra rehearsal. Slightly more enthusiastic for that.
7:30 - Drove home while listening to Spanish II lecture.
8:15 - Had dinner. Thom called and provided more entertainment than a movie with his 'Twilight' commentary. Procrastinated studying and talked to him.
9 - Got off phone, and began to write paper in APA format. More joy.
10 - Tried to log on MSN, but realized that I hadn't practiced piano. Dragged self to keys and ran through Rachmaninoff and Bach pieces. Did minor key scales.
11 - Was told to "Stop the racket and go to bed." Obeyed.

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Juliet SN said...

You busy girl :D I took Time Management last semester... I loved it if only for my teacher's reactions. "You read what? And how many siblings do you have?" ;-)