Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I write by ear...

Me: And then they find a spaceship full of replicates of themselves.
Heather: So how does this happen to your characters?
Me: They don't know. Um, and neither do I.
Heather: Oh good, you can both be in ignorant confusion together!


Me: I finished the first draft of The Angry. It's 9,800 words.
Ally: Awesome! What was your main characters name again?
Me: Um. He doesn't have one yet.
Ally: You mean you wrote an entire short story without naming your MC?
Me: Yep.


Mark: Do you ever think about your plot before you write?
Me: Not much. It just sort of happens.
Mark: That is why you disturb me.


Star said...

I don't really think of my plots before I start writing them either. Haha.

Lenya said...

That's awesome that you haven't named your MC yet XD I always have a terrible time with names. I'm curious, though - how did you refer to him in the rough draft?
I almost always start writing without much of a plot, too :P

Joy said...

I refer to him as "Him". :D Creative, yes?

Amy said...

I always think of an interesting first name, then look through an encyclopedia until I find a foreign last name, for example: Nicholas Komarov. As a tip of sorts, Russian names sound mysterious. I also get weird looks when my friends realize that I usually can't pronounce my character's name...

Your conversations make me laugh! :)