Tuesday, February 24, 2009

February Short Story

February's short story is going to be a really long one, to make up for my neglect of last month. But I'm not going to clutter up my blog with it - instead you can read it here.

I'm writing this story as a project for a writers forum, which involved "adopting" a plot thought up by another writer. The plot I adopted was:

Have a space ship manned entirely with people that have emotions for names sail off into "the void" a large, suddenly empty part of the night sky trying to investigate and see what they can find. They find the scattered, foreboding ruins of an ancient civilization, that seemed to have scattered across teh planets without getting high tech. ie: They have technology comparable to the Mayans/Aztecs, and yet the same civilization is on a bunch of the planets they find on their way. Then, plot twist happens, and they find out how the hole in the sky and the old civilization are connected! Dun dun DUN?

It will be in six installments, and under 6,000 words. So far I have the first two installments... check the above link for future updates.

Oh, and one other thing. If you read this and don't even give me one word of feedback or opinion or something? Then you deserve to eat cold sausage on stale bread with hot mustard for the next six months. I'm completely serious.


Star said...

Ahaha, well, I don't want to be deserving of eating cold sausage on stale bread with hot mustard for the next six months, so I will give you some feedback.
It sounds like a good plot!
And you know.. I had never considered doing the sort of thing you are when writing a story.
It sounds like a good way to keep yourself from going off on too many tangents and losing your focus.

Amy said...

haha! Did i ever tell you you're insane and awesome and wonderful? You make me laugh...x100. ;)

Lenya said...

Right, feedback! :P

It sounds like a great plot, very interesting, and you do a good job of catching my interest from the start. I like the vivid descriptions, especially about the books and such on her desk in the second paragraph. Interesting characters, too. I especially like Mort and Woe, and look forward to reading more about them.

A few minor nitpicks: A spot in chapter one is missing a quotation mark - right here “There’s trouble, said Woe. Also in chapter one, where it says "Her chocolate brown eyes assumed..." - that part kind of jolted me out of the story a little. Since up to that point, and past that point, I'm reading pretty much from Triumph's perspective, it seemed a little strange to think that Triumph is actively thinking about her own eye color, and that she's describing them as "chocolate" instead of just brown. Just my thoughts ;)

Great job - I can't wait to read more!

Bonnie Faber said...


So I sort of avoided this post because Amy told me about it and since I knew I wouldn't have any "real feedback" on it I didn't want to have to comment!

But I am commenting saying that I read this post and really have nothing to say about it except, "I DON'T WANT TO EAT COLD SAUSAGE ON STALE BREAD...etc"!!!