Thursday, March 5, 2009

but it's so fun to act immature...!

This morning, when my cell phone alarm started boinking at 5 am, my first impulsive reaction was to run to my closet because I thought it was aliens invading.

Seriously. This is what I get for staying up too late playing Irish reels on my violin.

Once again, proof that I am not the responsible, 18-going-on-30 type that most adults think me at first.

In fact, my family would probably tell you that, personality-wise, I'm a bit immature. I still get a kick out of the silliest things.

On Monday we went out to eat with some friends. There was a lull in the conversation - and so I got a drop of water in the end of my straw, and began to stare at people through it. Joanna and Bryan (a 16-year-old friend) followed my example, until one of his older siblings chastened me with, "Do you know how silly you look? What on earth are you doing?"

"Staring at tiny people through the end of my straw," I replied.

She made a disgruntled noise.

In some respects I'm a very mature person. I really am. I respect authority and can command authority when the need calls for it. I know when it is time to be serious, and enjoy thought provoking conversations.

But sometimes it is so fun just to throw all ones cards in the air (even if you're playing Rummy or Crazy Eights) and cry, "Uno!" Just for the joy and glory of it.

Don't you agree?


Elraen said...

I totally agree. Honestly, I think part of true maturity is learning that sometimes it's OK NOT to follow the world's definition of what is "mature." :-)

Amy said...

lol! Absolutely. Keep being you.

Lenya said...

You... you can play Irish reels? *has a happy spaz attack* That's awesome! If you have a way of recording yourself playing some, I'd love to listen! :D

Yes, it is great to be immature. I'd probably go crazy if I tried to fit the standard definition of "mature" all the time.