Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Title, just for you Hana =]

Earlier this week, to my shame, I was quite put out by some of the people in my online University orientation. I went complaining to my mom at about 1 am, because they were whining about not understanding how to use the computer and online Angel Classroom. In my too-logical mind, one wouldn't enroll in a college completely online unless one was quite familiar with the computer.

And then today -- after a few tedious hours of trying to format a test paper in APA (I'm not very fond of APA) -- I got lost in the tangled web which is my classroom. I was hunting for the APA Format Handbook... and somehow I ended up on the tutoring site for Trigonometry. I spent about a half hour trying to find my way back to the APA Handbook.

It was quite humbling. I shall never complain about those poor people again. I can now empathize. It just goes to show that you can lead a horse to water, but you can't eat it too.

(Click the link if you need to smile.)


Juliet SN said...

That video... *smiling now* thanks for the link :)

Oh, and I know how you feel, I took a number of community college classes via distance ed, and I couldn't stand the 2+ hour lectures on how to navigate the system. That is, until I found myself entirely lost ;-)

Love you, Joy :) We have to talk soon!

(And I *detest* APA, lol)

Nala said...

LOVE it. I know how that feels. :P and I love the video, AND... you need a title, because I can't click on it otherwise... (besides clicking on your name).

Bonnie Faber said...

Joy, your comment made me happy =D