Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A [Rather] Sorry Photo Post

Before I begin this post, I think I need to arm myself heavily with apologies and good intentions. Ahem. Anyone know a nice, second-hand Good Intentions shop?

See, I was planning on giving you an epic picture post from the month of January. Snapshots from orchestra, string ensemble, KB's visit, Joy's visit to Jamie, TSO concert, and all good things like that. But. Er. Life was so fun and all that I kind of... forgot to take pictures?

Don't hurt me! I do bear some pictures in this post after all!

...some horrible quality pictures of myself via webcam. Ahehe. I was slightly bored a few nights ago, and took some screenshots. It was fun... for me at least. I pity my poor blog readers who put up with me and my vanity.

But, you must have pictures. Ta da. Pictures.

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Star said...

Haha, I like the first one the best. And your hair is so pretty! Is it french braided?

My hair is... capable.. of being braided..
It is sort of.. dreadlocks.

Lenya said...

You... you didn't take pictures of TSO? Or you and Jamie? Joy, I am deeply, deeply disappointed in you.

Not really- I'm always forgetting to take pictures too :P These are way cool! I agree- your hair looks lovely! I like your eyes on the 3rd one, they look sort of mysterious.

Bonnie Faber said...

Oh Joy. You are so YOU! And I love it. lol!!

I hate not having pictures from different events, but yeah... that's what usually happens!

meg said...

i shall shun your blog for two seconds for not having amazingfantasticalpicturesofTSO!!!



i'm done.

<3 good post. :D

Joy said...

Hey now! Actually TSO wasn't my fault. They confiscated our camera's at the door. :P