Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Katy Pwincess

When she had reached that grand age of 4, she declared that her name was no longer Havilah, but Katy Pwincess.

(Not Katy the Princess, or Princess Katy. It was more of an inherent thing than any title. As though she'd always been Katy Pwincess, and just now chose to acknowledge it.)

And she acted just as she envisioned Katy Pwincess would. She sang incessantly. Even at meal times, while her family chattered and ate, she would quietly hum to herself, taking small bites and using a napkin.

She was above arguments, and when someone pinched her or snatched a toy, she just smiled a sort of aloof disapproval, and walked away.

I was fascinated by Katy Pwincess, and begged the honor of taking her picture, but she just giggled and said, "Well you can call me Havilah."


lexi said...

Hm. Occasionally my niece decides she is Mermaid Princess Bug. She won't answer to Mary Grace or even Gracie Bug, but instead will correct you; "No! It's Mermaid Princess Bug!"


Katie Beth said...


meg said...

i love this.

i love Mermaid Princess Bug, too.
*explodes from cutieness overload*

Neal Dulley said...

Wow I love that kid. She's great. She acted a little different when I saw them. Know I know why. Thanks for the fill in.