Thursday, December 11, 2008

Holiday Playlist

12 Days of Christmas - Straight No Chaser

Straight No Chaser is my all time favorite acapella group, and although I generally find most "Christmas" ear-worms rather annoying, I think this version is brilliant. Cookies to you if you can guess my favorite "bit." (It shouldn't be that difficult if you know me well.)

What Child Is This Anyway? - Sufjan Stevens

What Child Is This? is my all time favorite carol, and Sufjan's version of this song, while eccentric to say the least, is possibly one of my favorites. Sufjan continues to defy all modern musical standards, with combinations of instruments not normally accepted, and irregular harmonies that manage an appeal straddling both ethereal and whimsical.

The First Noel - Josh Groban and Faith Hill

It's Josh and Faith! Enough said. This is one of the most gorgeous duets Josh has done yet in my opinion, her rich voice blends so perfectly with his. I can't listen to it enough... I was also pleasantly surprised in finding who is directing the choir. (You can guess this too.)

Hibernation Day - Jars of Clay

Cute, cute, cute. I don't think this song has recieved near the attention it should. I like the relaxed holiday feel, while still managing relatively original lyrics. And the jazz... very fun.

Little Drummer Boy - Jars of Clay

I like their version, even though I think I might like it better if it was completely acoustic. There's something about JoC's eclectic style that I really enjoy, perhaps it's the knowledge that I may be surprised at any moment. And their Beatles-like harmony (so says Joanna) is irresistable.

When The Christmas Baby Cries - Annie Moses Band

Gorgeous. I really lack the adjectives to describe... I'm a new Annie Moses Band fan, but nonetheless a huge one (especially after having met them, they are such a lovely, fun family!) While I don't have a link to their video, you can use the drop down menu to go to This Glorious Christmas on their music page, and listen. I highly recommend.

Trans Siberian Orchestra - Carol of the Bells

The holidays just aren't the holidays without TSO. So the grinding guitars may nto be everyone's thing, but personally, I'm fascinated.

Chanukkah - Marty Goetz

This song is gorgeous. I'm hoping to learn it for our family's Hanukkah and perform it on the piano. The lyrics are really meaningful, and I appreciate that some people out there do see the beauty in a Jewish holiday.

Oh Holy Night - Shane & Shane

Not necessarily my favorite version, still catchy nonetheless. These guitar masters demand awe not only for their mad acoustic skills, but their unique blend of voices.

Still, Still, Still - Vienna Boy's Choir

I just learned this beautiful song, with it's simple melody, this year. I'm still impressed over this breathtaking version. Almost lullaby like.

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Nala said...

I love all that you've posted up here! The Straight No Chasers wow. They're amazing. I'm pretty certain that you like the part where the guy breaks in with the Dredel song. :-D (please tell, did I spell that right?)