Sunday, November 16, 2008

Seven Random Things

(I was tagged by Night and Melda and The Not-So-Pink, so I figured I better do it before anyone else tags me.)

Seven Random Things About Myself

1. Just this morning, I acquired the most darling little green tea set: with four mugs, a teapot, and a sugar dish. (It's missing the creamer, sadly.)

2. I can, against all scientific probability, lick my elbow. So there statistics.

3. Fifty percent of my extremely small CD collection consists of three artists. The Annie Moses Band, Josh Groban, and Rachmaninoff.

4. Periodically, I go read the most horrible, pathetic, painfully written novels I can find on FictionPress; just to make myself feel better about my own rather under average writings. (Is that not the most nerdy thing you've ever heard of?)

5. My very favorite candy in the world - besides dark chocolate of course - is banana lollipops. And it makes me very sad that these are so hard to find.

6. Sometimes I find myself so wrapped up in a book or story of some sort, that I have trouble distinguishing reality from fiction. (No kidding. Go see the Christian novel Paperback Writer by Stephen Bly if you want to understand more how this works.)

7. And I am hopelessly in love with east Texas at times. Our state, our glory, and our little sub-culture... it doesn't necessarily appeal to me all the time, but I love it all the same. It's, well, home.

(And almost everyone I know has been tagged... so yeah.)


Melda said...

oh oh oh, #6 - I've done that in the middle of the night. Wake up from a random dream, all groggy, and end up being convinced that something horrible from a book I've read is going to happen and I have to stop it, and then sitting up in bed and seeing the glow-in-the-dark stars on my ceiling and being like...wait a second...never mind...

Lenya said...

I've done #4 on occasion, just to help me feel better and get a bit of motivation. And no, it's not quite the most nerdy thing I've ever heard of :P

Katie Beth said...


2. I ALMOST can... it depends on what you define as "elbow". And I can assure you I look like an idiot sitting here trying. (I always do that and then catch myself and go, "Wow, that's really stupid." Then I do it some more.)

3. That's ok. For years mine consisted almost entirely of The Backstreet Boys.

4. *cough* I do that at art shows....

5. That sounds positively revolting. I'm serious. O_O

6. I do that a LOT. Especially when I'm dreaming. It's horrible. But kinda cool. ;-D

After trying to post this: LOL. "Your HTML cannot be accepted: Tag is not allowed: < cough >"