Thursday, November 13, 2008

Requirements for a future suitor?

Well, seeing as everyone else besides me (almost) has done this, I thought it was time I gave it a shot. Just to see if I could come up with an actual list.

Let me acknowledge here and now, that I am completely against deciding on a perfect or ideal male, and then sticking by that standard in spite of all the wonderful 'imperfect' boys that are much more than just words on paper.

This is by no means law. This is just an idealized list of some very practical aspects I would appreciate in a guy. This does not mean I will not pursue a relationship with someone who does not meet every requirement. I believe people who do that are, to put it bluntly, waiting for a Romeo or Prince Charming. I am waiting for an Adam, who is fallen and human and often makes very bad choices, and yet is created in the image of God, and seek to follow him.

And with that, I present to you my rather romanticized list.

1. A thriving relationship with God.

2. A sense of humor, even when all the pipes have busted and water is spewing all over the house and his new boss shows pays a call and his favorite shirt was eaten by a rat. Especially then.

3. Spontaneous. the sort of person who would randomly join me in a duet if I burst out into the middle of a musical in Walmart.

4. Must have beard (seriously, facial hair is just... awesome.)

5. Would go with me to the Renaissance Faire wearing a KILT. If, you know, I gave him permission to wear one.

6. Holds convictions and yet keeps an open mind. (Rare duo.)

7. Likes classical music.

8. Is not afraid to go against mainstream popularity.

9. Enjoys quiet, deep conversations about things like science or politics over a cup of tea or coffee. (And offers me extra sugar when things get heated.)

10. Will dabble in the absurd in order to insure a healthy amount of insanity. Like, wearing a striped shirt with plaid pants, eating ketchup-covered popcorn, or swinging on a park swingset, no matter how old.

11. Chivalrous and protective, especially of me.

12. Sings in the shower.

13. Enjoys children for their own sake, without expecting anything of them.

14. Won't be afraid to tell me if I'm being an idiot.

15. Will let me have free reign in housecleaning, and not constantly interfere and criticize. (I'm a very organized person by nature, and would hate to constantly butt heads.)

16. Merciful and forgiving.

17. Not opposed to dancing, or learning how to dance.

18. A strong determination for the things he desires to achieve, and will not give up even in the face of opposition, setbacks, trolls, enormous lizards, and barbaric cynics who hate mac and cheese.

19. Will understand how very intertwined my life is with my writing, and not judge me when I cry over a characters death, dance about the house starry-eyed over a 'first kiss', or pretend to combat villains with my spatula in the kitchen.

20. Believes in himself, so I can believe in him too.

21. Can name all the constellations by memory.

22. Won't be afraid to try new things... especially new food, new styles of clothes, new music, et cetera.

23. Will hug me when I am sad. (And not just a cheap little pat on the back either!)

24. Will NOT want any small dog, cat, or other typical housepet... and will be sympathetic with the way such entities fray on my nerves.

25. Will allow me to rave endlessly about my favorite books, and maybe even share my enthusiasm for some of them.

26. Must be humble about any good thing he does, and not broadcast it to the world.

27. And finally, will be the sort of man who will allow me to love him more than anything else on earth, and obsess over him, and stalk him, and everything like that.


Juliet SN said...

*grins* Great list :D As you know, my list is a little, ahem, looooong. But it's great reading, lol.

I love how you phrased that, "I am waiting for an Adam." *adds to commonplace book*

Love you lots :)

Kyleian said...

I have to add some of those onto my list, too... and seeing as no guys I know personally have revealed themselves as readers of my blog, it might actually be safe for me to post it... :P

But def. spontaneous as in joining in singing in the middle of Wal Mart...

Katie Beth said...

My list would have a lot of those, too. But the one about dancing would be changed to, "MUST be a good dancer, or at least have potential for becoming a good dancer."

"So what do you recommend to encourage affection?"
"Dancing. Even if one's partner is barely tolerable."