Sunday, October 12, 2008

Why This Weekend Was Lovely.

Asking God something in personal prayer, and then having my question directly answered in Sunday School Class.

Lying on a sunny beach for hours without getting sunburned.

Getting to eat falafel again.

Spending time with teenagers who accept me for who I am, differences and all.

Racing along the beach like a five year old.

Crossing the street with two tiny, perfectly trusting hands in mine.

Realizing again and again, that this really is the Caribbean.

Knowing I will be hugging my family again very soon.

Bursting out in song, in a public place, just because I can.

Seeing the light of my nephews smiles when I bought them a rum cake.

Getting a new book to read, when I've only had two for the past five weeks.

A glass of milk after a hot bowl of oatmeal.

The fragile smile of a new friendship.

A rich accent, dulcet and unique.

And smelling a storm, just before it hits.


The Nightingale said...

Yay Falafel! I had falafel this weekend, too. And hummus, and shish tawook and taboola. Yummy.

meg said...

gaaah. i'm soo jealous.