Friday, October 10, 2008

No Words.

I just had one of the craziest, most absurdly fun, and utterly story-worthy nights of my entire life. Almost as good as the Library Story... I kid you not.

Definitely too hallowed for a blog post. But next time I see you (or catch you on MSN), force me to tell you about it. I promise that it will at the very least be as entertaining as a cheap comedy.

A little appetizer you ask?

I broke into the home of a sweet elderly Irish lady who collects swords and pipes. (The smoking kind.)

And that my friends, is all you are getting out of me at the moment.


Lenya said...

Yes, I definitely need to catch you on MSN sometime- my curiosity is piqued!

Katie Beth said...

That was a GREAT story. :-D