Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Now President Barack Obama

President Elect:
Nation waits,
Holds it's breath.

Middle initial to hide the name,
Hated name.
Handsome man who leads us on
No such connection should endure.

Stumbling through the lines
That tie him to his destiny.
Now President Barack Obama.
Our President.
A winning smile,
A nervous nod.
Destiny is sealed.
Be remembered forever,
Building, not destroying.

Obama may not have been my choice. I may not agree with him on many issues. But I believe with all my heart that God chose him as our nation's authority. My authority. And from this day I will do everything possible to honor, respect, and obey him. Disobeying only when it conflicts with the higher authority of my God. I do have a certain amount of pride for my country in overcoming so far it's racial prejudices. And I hope, and will daily pray, that God lead both our President and our country in the next four years.