Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Ray Boltz comes 'out' about sexuality

This morning, as I was listening to various music, I stumbled across this.

I've never really liked Ray Boltz's style, and my poor sisters had to put up with endless complaining on my end when they would listen to his music, and yet still this article hurts.

I lost faith in the CCM movement years ago; and my life has actually been one giant rollercoaster of, "Well should I listen to Christian music or not?" I do listen to some artists now, though I'm extremely picky.

But why? Why do the Christian artists of this world have to be so mediocre, so easy to conform?

And why does it still shock me anew every time I hear it?


Katie Beth said...

UGH. Does no one realize that Sodom and Gomorrah were brutally DESTROYED for that?!

Pam H. said...

Try Marie Bellet. You might have to hunt for her, but she's worth it. Best are:

What I Wanted to Say

New Springtime

Lighten Up